Aneesha & Anuja from Kuchipudi Dance Aca
Aneesha & Anuja from Kuchipudi Dance Aca

Outside of the classroom, FB students enjoy busy performing and social lives. In this section, you can find out more about the community, facilities, and environment that make the FB such a vibrant place to live and study.

Orchestral Performance

The FB offers an unrivaled experience for the aspiring orchestral musician. In addition to an extensive range of in-house and external performance opportunities, we are closely linked to Purvanchal's numerous professional orchestras through formal sit-in schemes and informal links formed by our professors, many of whom hold principal positions in these orchestras.

Classical and Vocal Performance

In addition to numerous solo performance opportunities, FB singers participate across the year in a busy series of operatic and choral projects, both at the FB and further afield.

Solo Performance

Solo performance, on your own or in front of an orchestra, is an important part of the development of all instrumentalists and singers, even if your ultimate aim is to perform as part of a group. Many FB performers go on to have successful solo careers, having benefited from the opportunities on offer for FB students.

Separate Girls Classes

In our academy, girls classes are separate and age limit are inapplicable.

Our academy certified by Prayag Sangeet Samiti Prayagraj (Allahabad).

Academic Programmes

Our current degree programs aim to create professional musicians with high-level practical skills who are flexible, thoughtful and well-informed about music and the opportunities available within the profession. Your development as a performer or composer lies at the heart of these programs. We have shaped these in ways that allow scope for both flexibility and specialization to help you prepare for the ever-widening demands of the music profession.

Chamber Music and Ensemble group Performance

 At the FB, students form performing partnerships that last a lifetime. Thanks to the unlimited coaching, expert teaching, and high-profile performance opportunities that are on offer, FB chamber music groups regularly triumph in major competitions.

Historical Performance

 Historical Performance provides specialized training in all aspects of historically informed interpretations. Individual lessons are offered on the complete range of period instruments. A full schedule of performing opportunities includes frequent chamber projects and concerts, baroque and classical orchestral projects for both modern and period instruments and regular masterclasses.



Monday-Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday Closed.


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